A Comprehensive Guide to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport

Just like how each and every destination differs from the other, each airport will also always be different from another. The same as wandering through a new city, having to navigate through a new airport could be quite a challenge. You would probably feel hungry and would look for your favorite food house such as Ivar’s chowder or SeaTac for mac cheese but don’t have an idea where to find it. Or you would probably look for a yoga sports house like the SFO’s over at Terminal 2 while waiting for your next flight.

If you are among people like us who just don’t want to sit around in an airport and love to wander around then you’re in for a treat in this article. Today we’ll be your guide through the Chicago O’Hare International Airport

About O’Hare International Airport

At the northwestern most side of Chicago rests the O’Hare International Airport which is surrounded by the Chicago villages of Rosemont over the north along with Schiller Park located at the south. O’Hare isn’t the ordinary airport because of its earned world titles which includes the busiest airport in the world for long years with regard to passengers and was also recently crowned among the busiest in terms of takeoff and landing numbers. Considered as one of the biggest hubs within American and United, it boasts 4 terminals including Terminal 5 which is currently being finished. Using the 24-hour transit train from CTA Blue Line, passengers and travelers can get from O’Hare to ORD which is 17 miles off Chicago. During the travel, passengers can enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi for the first 30 minutes – succeeding hours will then be charged.


O’Hare restos are actually Chicago-influenced which is why many travelers also love the food served in the airport itself. Among those popular restaurants in the vicinity include Billy Goat Tavern which is located at Terminal 1, Chicago Cubs bar and grill which is conveniently located at Terminal 3, Eli’s Cheesecake Café over at Terminal 1, Chicago Style hot dogs scattered at Terminals 1,2 and 3 and many others. If you love Mexican food then you can also visit the Tortas Frontera which is located at the Terminals 1, 3 and 5. If you pay a visit to Terminal 5, you’ll be witnessing a wide dining variety over the airport and among those include Hub 51, Tocco, Wolfgang Puck Café, Big Bowl for Asian food, The Goddess Grocer and a whole lot more!


Airport bars are also expected in Chicago O’Hare International Airport and accommodate any drinking palate whether you’re just looking for a quick drink or an all-night drinking party venture. Among those bars where you can refresh yourself with a cold drink include the Chicago Clubs Bar along with the Stanley’s Blackhawks Kitchen and Tap. If margarita is your kind of drink then you can also visit Tortas Frontera over at Terminal 1 including Beaudevin Wine Bar in the same terminal. Drinks can also be enjoyed in Terminal 3 as they have Bubbles Wine Bar along with Goose Island Brewpub for wines, beers, soda and booze.


Despite being one of the busiest airports in the world, O’Hare International Airport actually has a lot of means of providing relaxation to travelers and clients – aside from shopping. One place in the airport is within Terminal 1 and 3 where the XpressSpa is located along with the convenient yoga room for those who want a quick body stretch after a long travel. One can also stroll through the collection of designer shops which are mostly located in Terminal 5 – some of the shops include Barbara’s Bookstore, Brookstone along with Sunglasses Hut. An Excursion Planner can also be sought after O’Hare’s website and this planner comes with directions to the best attractions within the airport along with the time details as to how long it can take you to get there.


Terminal 2 boasts the Delta Sky Club lounge which is among the most popular lounges in any airline. Terminal 5 too has a number of well-known airline lounges which include the British Airways, Korean Air, France, Swiss and many others from all over the globe. Also, if you want to know more about the info and whereabouts of these lounges as well as parking spaces within LAX then you can simply visit the LoungeBuddy helper within the Triplt app.